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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

820 proposals

Add filters on /meetings page
Can we add ordering options to the proposal list
Survey - Raw data auto-treatment
Gestión de verificación de identidad digital
Visually indicate that the dynamic actions are being processed (e.g. search)
Group actions for budgeting projects admin
Preguntar y almacenar el ámbito del usuario
Show remaining budget for user in budgeting module
LDAP support for user authentication
Allow user to sort initiatives by publication date
Recover a verified user activity
Afegir imatges al cos de les pàgines
Include a bit of additional details in the HTTP 500 error page message
Add stats block for meeting attendees
Proposal email notifications could say "click here to go directly to proposal"
[Security] Add an external link warning
Merge actions of "Minutes" and "Close" in meetings
Make the order criteria for comments configurable from the admin
Delete button for a participatory space
Better UX - Make the listing cards more simple
Add a way to dismiss the omnipresent banner
Organize Assemblies
Improvements on decidim-accountability module
Make debate end date
Disable accountability automated progress caluclations
Make the number of characters allowed for the petitions description field configurable
Add address in the proposal answer (backend)
UX / Allow sorting for budgeting projects in the UI
Localisation and district population
Configuration option for initiative type to desactivate comments
Add file uploads field to Discussions component
Show participants list in meetings
New sorting criteria for proposals - Most endorsed
Add versioning to initiatives
Add the possibility to add an attachment as an external URL
Page to show all upcoming events
Improvements on "collaborative draft --> to proposal" flow
Better control of the authorization permission requirements for a component
Url aliases for participatory spaces
Possibility to disable sign up / registering
Add to Home Screen
Position cursor on map to enter address
Incluir "Grupo de Procesos" dentro de "Procesos" en el menú del panel de Admin
Apoyar automáticamente la propuesta creada por el usuario
No surt l'icona per respodre a una proposta i acceptar-la/rebutjar-la
CSV census for verifications
Create a general moderation panel
Enable user to switch map background from map to satellite
Incloure el component enquesta dintre d'una trobada
Strong password policy for Admin users
Avoid re-randomizing the index when clicking on "back to list"
Add more filtering capabilities to the /processes /assemblies pages
Export Budgets vote results as Excel
Show the states of the results Import/Export tasks into the admin dashboard
Add "Create proposal as" in admin "New proposal" form
Creació i gestió camps del formulari de propostes
New role and permissions for assemblies
Use time ago instead of date
File upload button redesign
Don't show error in case field is empty when creating a proposal
Improve UX of the Notification System and Moderation Workflow
Afegir un botó "Afegir pregunta" a sota de les preguntes creades
Make social media links configurable
Dynamically update images in forms
Budgeting - Add shortened description for the projects in the listing view
Enhance proposals and initiatives comparator
Nuevo espacio de multiconsultas
Show publication date of each article on blog main page
Reverse chronological order in conversations
Participatory budget and metrics
Meeting Calendar Providers
Create Initiatives export
Add votes from Budgets component to the available metrics and statistics
Showcase winning projects in budgets
Encuentros propuestos por ciudadanos
Challenges module
Visualization of community network and interactions
Complete the Api
Integrate a homepage slider
Improve automatic comparison algorithm when submiting a proposal
Make home section .footer_sub_hero html editable
Opt out for moderation messages
GDPR - Right to be forgotten - Ability for admins to delete user accounts
Add action button on the view to manage a proposal
Internal module for text analysis
Add the feature "process type" to allow filtering Processes by type
Add view source to text editor in admin
[Admin] View the category and subcategory of each result
Send notification when initiative reaches 100% of support thereshold
Enviar email administrador en rebre una sol·licitud de creació de grup
Ability for users to discover their own content
GDPR Compliance - Automate deletion of inactive users' accounts
Possibility to hide static content on the home page
Add homepage block feature latest blog posts
Use new card design for budget projects
Add "pay what you can" option for conference registration
Warn users during Sign Up that nicknames can't have spaces
Send notification to client with Push Notifications
Text enriquits per a les actes de les Trobades.
To improve the Terms of Service (TOS) block in the sign up
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