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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

822 proposals

Improce content discoverability (SEO)
Meetings informations that last more than one day
More technical styling options for the comments component
Space for default image when items have no image
Proposals - Internal tags for administrative purposes
Add option to include time zones
Let users input a number of participants when closing their meeting
Harmonize Initiative front office filters
Changes to answered state filtering of proposals
Millores al mòdul d'enquestes
Poder generar documents Excel-Word dels continguts tant intern com extern
Buscardor para las Propuestas en el menu de Funcionalidades
Allow visitors without accounts to vote on proposals
Proposal email notifications could say "click here to go directly to proposal"
Allow for single date on processes steps
Display meeting name instead of org name in admin
Add comments export to meetings
Improve the email notification for proposal valuators
Notify change of proposal state to the author
Role for Translators which doesn't require full admin rights
Allow contacting participants for ID validation
Enhance initiative filter in the admin
Restrict which authorized users can participate in a component / item
Place inactive steps configurations in toggle
Challenges module
Afegir imatges al cos de les pàgines
Show a guidance modal in PB voting after selecting the first project
Privacy Policy for Human Beings
Create a daily digest with newly reported content
Import attachment of the proposals
Use more Quill Rich Text Editor capabilities
Cartes als regidors/es
Formulario de contacto con administradores
Ability to create blog posts as a user group
Add "my activity" filter section on meeting index
Poder seguir un proceso
Search capabilities and bulk action for private users
Permetre comentaris en la funcionalitat pàgina
Gestió dels administradors d'un procés
Add a "Return" button in the FO to get back to indexes
Allow mapping multiple scopes to resources
Admin can revoke old verifications
Ability for users to discover their own content
Redirection after closing a meeting
User created debate delete/purge
Bloquear usuarios después de múltiples intentos fallidos
Calendari amb esdeveniments de participació
Add view source to text editor in admin
New content block - Process groups
New role and permissions for assemblies
Enable map is optional
Archiving and anonymising processes [admin comfort + traceability + GDPR]
Show end time in the card and detail of debate
Use neutral terminology
Change XLS exports to XLSX (XLS worksheets limited to 65,536 rows)
Vinculació de trobades
French inclusive writing
Mejoras en encuentros presenciales
Enhance UX for the user interaction with the map
Review Admin Log notifications
Fix link to comments in Notifications
Mejorar el sistema de moderación de propuestas y usuarios
Opt out for moderation messages
Caducitat de les dades d'autorització
Módulo “Textos participativos”
Allow answering survey several times
Clarify the terms of the APGL license and its relation with the Social Contract
Clarify sign in and sign up pages
Collaborative proposals
Enabling hashtags on user generated content
Add "My proposals" filter in the proposals list page
Registro de actividad de administradores, moderadores y verificadores
Enable "Pages" space as a module for processes
Allow authors of user generated meetings to close their meeting
Identificador únic automàtic al procés de registre d'usuari
Make Organizational Charts Useful
Put terms and conditions in a modal
Nuevo espacio de multiconsultas
Módulo “Buscador”
Change colors on mobile navigation bar
Permitir a las organizaciones adherirse a una propuesta
Improve the score of comments
Configuration option for initiative type to desactivate comments
Internal module for text analysis
Notify author when proposal is selected in sortition
Url aliases for participatory spaces
Add the possibility to add an attachment as an external URL
Preguntar y almacenar el ámbito del usuario
Autocomplete for @username mentions
Confirm that you want to desjoin from the meeting
Allow process admins to add private users
Mejoras en órganos (assemblies)
Allow multi-choice questions in consultations
Customizable URL token / Components accessible by link only
Design considerations for people with dyslexia
Allow one to many relations for scopes
Better control of the authorization permission requirements for a component
Grouping multi-choice questions
Freeform Assembly Social Links
mòdul del vot sense registre
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