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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

808 proposals

Let admins choose the default order of appearance of the initiatives
Add the possibility to add an attachment as an external URL
Afegir més d'un padró a la plataforma
Admin contact form
Incorporar informació del pressupost al seguiment de resultats
Add more filtering capabilities to the /processes /assemblies pages
Allow changing the budget of a project
Change "change password" process to make user retype current password
Add QR code generation as a sharing option
Cercador d'usuaris
Use automatic language detection for the machine translation feature
Multilingual Proposal entry
Revamp UX of consultations
Allow user to sort initiatives by publication date
Allow mapping multiple scopes to resources
Change "" for "Open Street Map"
Possibility for admins to edit anyone's proposals
As a user I want to receive a notification when my comment gets and upvote / downvote
Poder seguir un proceso
Transparent Processes (similar to transparent assemblies)
Test email feature for newsletters
Sort items in Decidim modules
Enviar email administrador en rebre una sol·licitud de creació de grup
Add a comment's extract in its notification email
Internal module for text analysis
Allow for single date on processes steps
Anonymous survey answers
Tag system for administrators/evaluators
Re-integrated EU eIDAS-compliant Italian SPID Authentication
French inclusive writing
Rebre notificació quan t'inclouen a una Assemblea
Add accessibility preferences in participant profile
Avoid re-randomizing the index when clicking on "back to list"
Initiatives notifications enhancement
Alternative voting methods in budget
Possibility to configure the sign in flow to send user to external service directly
Show the states of the results Import/Export tasks into the admin dashboard
Calendari amb esdeveniments de participació
Add address in the proposal answer (backend)
Budgets - Voting results
Possibility to configure the participatory space navigation
UX / Allow sorting for budgeting projects in the UI
Add option to include time zones
Caducitat de les dades d'autorització
Cartes als regidors/es
Add a younger touch to Decidim design.
Enable attachments in blog posts
Use time ago instead of date
Allow users/participants as a possible entry for sortition
Add the ability for an admin to contact a user directly
Better UX - Make the listing cards more simple
Option to keep authors and followers when Proposal -> Project
Disable the proposal comparator
Add time zone configuration for meeting component or platform globally
Place scopes in toggle for accountability index page
Change attachment photo image alt texts to the title
Incloure usuaris gestionats al Recompte total
Add back to list link
Make the survey section conditional
Let admins edit in the backend meetings that they created in the frontend (and vice-versa)
[EN] Filters on processes, assemblies and consultations
Allow visitors to register to an event without having to signup
Add alert when publish a survey with answers
Survey - Don’t allow user access to the next step in case of error
Proposta millora (iteració) component enquesta
Canvi automàtic de fase d'un procés
CSV Census notifications or auto-authorizations
Disable "sortitions" and "budgets" by default
[EN] Change text button assemblies when there are no components
Include endorsements for blog posts
Registration to a meeting from the e-mail
Bloquear usuarios después de múltiples intentos fallidos
Allow answering survey several times
Enable interactive map for participatory budget
Comply with EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Add two CTA option to "finish" step of initiatives
Creació i gestió camps del formulari de propostes
Add statistics block to show proposal repartition in categories and areas
Improve the email notification for proposal valuators
Create statistic blocks for petitions
Vote multiple times for a same project
More technical styling options for the comments component
Añadir filtros para navegar en los encuentros presenciales
Opción para que los componentes no salgan automáticamente en el menú
Mail invitació reunió a membres
Export Budgets vote results as Excel
Number of participants in each process and phase
Enable admins to send bulk invitations to participants
Better control of the OmniAuth authentication flows + adding new OmniAuth strategies
Show publication date of each article on blog main page
Send proof of response of a survey to participants
Add images to the card on official proposals
Create image galleries in proposals
Enhance proposals and initiatives comparator
As an admin I want to be able to add custom links on a participatory space navbar
Afegir un comptador de comentaris en la targeta de cada debat
Ability to disable participatory space view hooks (e.g. proposal listing)
Announcements on Assemblies home page
Establecer un umbral de notificaciones por mail al seguir a un usuario
Allow filtering and ordering on processes on admin side
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