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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

811 proposals

Integrate a homepage slider
Ability for admins to create new user accounts
As an admin I want to be able to add custom links on a participatory space navbar
A√Īadir filtros para navegar en los encuentros presenciales
Possibility to configure the participatory space navigation
Number of participants in each process and phase
Resend all private users invitations at once
Avoid re-randomizing the index when clicking on "back to list"
Decide when to publish a meeting
Change duration in the agenda Meetings
Registration form improvement with 2 steps + 1 onboarding screen
Disable the language selector in the account settings if only one locale is configured
Proposals - X characters left
Customizable survey success message
Strong password policy for Admin users
Add granularity to notifications
Possibility to force login before accessing the platform
Add image to meetings
See the full content of comments in Notifications
Make debate end date
List display for proposals' index
Hide irrelevant filters on a Proposals index
Suggest to the users that register via Oauth subscribing to the newsletter
Management the registrations and deregistretion participants of an instance
Non anonymous survey answer
When Etherpad integration is enabled, use those notes for the minutes field when closing a meeting
M√≥dulo ‚ÄúVisualizaci√≥n de datos‚ÄĚ
Accountability from the front-office
Collaborative proposals
Add character count to conversations
Add a way to get to component settings from component admin
Server setup for Push Notifications
Adding icons to pages and topics
Order assemblies and processes in public page
Online meetings proposals
A better Decidim in Docker
Internal module for text analysis
Notify change of proposal state to the author
Use machine translation in notifications
Enviar email administrador en rebre una sol·licitud de creació de grup
Enabling hashtags on user generated content
Make new proposal button more visible
[EN] Duplicate the survey in the same process and in different processes / [ES] Duplicar la encuesta en el mismo proceso y en procesos diferentes
Opción de pre-visualización para texto propuestas
Attachments to accountability results
[EN] Improvements to amendments
Add "my activity" filter section on meeting index
Enable feature duplication
Add "new proposal +" call to action to home page of participatory space
Enhance participatory process cards
Admin contact form
Send an email to authors when their content is flagged by a user
Liquid democracy
Improve Diff visualization for amendments
Registre d'aportacions en el panell d'usuari
Improve frontend-design of participatory texts
Voting rules on budget module
Mejorar el sistema de moderación de propuestas y usuarios
Improve surveys with enhancements
Add a "Return" button in the FO to get back to indexes
Enhance accessibility for disabled users
To improve the Terms of Service (TOS) block in the sign up
Crear variables globales para tipo de organización y tipo de "base"
No surt l'icona per respodre a una proposta i acceptar-la/rebutjar-la
Rewrite comments in Rails
Allow deleting sections from preview view after participatory text import
Afegir l'Aranès com a idioma al Decidim
Poca visibilitat alhora d'inscriure't
Registration form customization
Targeted communication to groups of people
Editar propostes oficials
More technical styling options for the comments component
A password helper during the registration process
Add instant input validation on authentication forms
Apply ransack's sort on process and assembly homepage in the backend
Admin analytics dashboard
Individual contexts and scopes
Navigate processes, agoras, initiatives and votations on a map
Improve file attachment uploads
Allow admins to delete an official proposal
Better proposal import options
Add config field to set max size of uploaded files by admins
Add a comment's extract in its notification email
Use diferent media files for diferent devices
Templates for surveys
Option to keep authors and followers when Proposal -> Project
Mantenimiento y mejora de dise√Īo web y experiencia de usuario
Visibility and access to online meeting rooms
Add avatar to assembly members without a registered account
Add time zone configuration for meeting component or platform globally
Visualization of community network and interactions
Add address in the proposal answer (backend)
Opt-in to newsletter when using OmniAuth registration method
Las organicaciones o user groups también deberían ser mencionables
Enable external registration links
Make sure admins save their changes before leaving
Add extra field exporting proposals
Add initiative creation in the authorization parameters
Change term "Address" => "Location"
A√Īadir a los botones de compartir un 'bot√≥n' para Mastodon
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