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Fem servir galetes per assegurar les funcionalitats b脿siques del lloc web i per a millorar la teva experi猫ncia en l铆nia. Pots configurar i acceptar l'煤s de galetes, i modificar les teves opcions de consentiment en qualsevol moment.



Anal铆tiques i estad铆stiques


Per proposar una nova caracter铆stica o funcionalitat o una millora o canvi sobre una existent, primer revisa que no estigui ja en el full de ruta o que no s'hagi discutit pr猫viament. Intenta explicar-te de la manera m茅s clara possible en realitzar una proposta i tingues en compte les instruccions proporcionades a la secci贸 "El proc茅s". Moltes gr脿cies per contribuir, les teves idees i propostes s贸n molt valuoses per al projecte.

820 propostes

Opci贸n de pre-visualizaci贸n para texto propuestas
Possibility for administrator to link images to content pages
Order and visualization of meetings
Possibility to use free text search for categories and scopes
Proposal + comments export
Millora de Panell d'administraci贸 d'Usuaris Gestionats
Design considerations for people with dyslexia
Add a hint in admin for multi-lingual instances
Create a Media Gallery component
Unify Management users private assemblies
File upload button redesign
Use time ago instead of date
Add a hint to the nickname in the registration process
Don't show error in case field is empty when creating a proposal
Configuration option for initiative type to desactivate comments
Damage (& Idea-) Report
Add image to blog post cards in the list view
Challenges module
Ampliar opcions de l'editor de text.
Allow unlimited edit time for proposals (as long as creation is enabled)
Permetre la pujada masssiva de documents adjunts o fotografies
Create a daily digest with newly reported content
Enhance accessibility for disabled users
Apply ransack's sort on process and assembly homepage in the backend
LDAP support for user authentication
Add start and end date in the survey component to enabling an automatic open/close answers
Search capabilities and bulk action for private users
Make user groups searchable
Buscardor para las Propuestas en el menu de Funcionalidades
Improve UX of the Notification System and Moderation Workflow
Add groups as assembly members
Place scopes in toggle for accountability index page
A帽adir el tipo de ordenaci贸n de propuestas "m谩s comentadas"
Review Admin Log notifications
Optimize Largest Contentful Paint
User privacy options and ability to disable public profiles
Add a "Return" button in the FO to get back to indexes
Importar y exportar Meetings
Grouping multi-choice questions
[EN] Selective newsletter / [ES] Newsletter selectiva
Add a report button on the last activities page
Notification for valuators
Allow assigning to users in Accountability module
Option to disable the organizational chart of assemblies
Enhance initiative filter in the admin
Anonymous survey answers
GDPR / Right to be forgotten - User authorizations metadata
Add an admin result page for consultations
Add ordering capabilities and display options to budget index
Registro de actividad de administradores, moderadores y verificadores
As a user I can edit my comment
Make debate end date
Send proof of response of a survey to participants
Open external links/related documents in another tab/window
Add formating to term of use content on signup page
Add upvotes et downvotes to comments exports
Make character limit for comments configurable from admin
Add traceability to process groups
Improvements in the management of private participants
Enhance proposals and initiatives comparator
Allow adding multiple same type of content blocks on page
[EN] Improvements to amendments
Language preference in participant settings
Poca visibilitat alhora d'inscriure't
Alternative ways for delivering export results
Add step title to process header phase of initiatives
Announce your Decidim Web App?
Change the word users for participants on the entire platform
Cartes als regidors/es
Experiencia web centrada en el usuario
Enable interactive map for participatory budget
Management the registrations and deregistretion participants of an instance
Participatory budget and metrics
Enable external registration links
Pages - Possibility to link to external URLs
Possibility to set an undefined time in the end date for a debate
Make home section .footer_sub_hero html editable
Identificador 煤nic autom脿tic al proc茅s de registre d'usuari
Automatic 'follow' of private users in participatory spaces
Ability for users to discover their own content
Add vote count per budget on budgets index in BO
Creaci贸 i gesti贸 camps del formulari de propostes
Custom offline fallback page
Configurable special login route for admins
Visualization about the submitted proposals
Inserci贸 d'imatges barrejades amb text
Attachments to accountability results
Enable configs for omniauth providers at the org level
Use diferent media files for diferent devices
Add announcement in the Assembly space
Guardar abans de publicar
Sorting categories
Add a third meeting type for hybrid event (in person and online)
Show descritption of categories in UI to improve UX
Crear variables globales para tipo de organizaci贸n y tipo de "base"
Showcase winning projects in budgets
Notify participants when result execution state is updated, for those results related to their proposals
Allow answering survey several times
Improve location programming API
Add the option of configuration for call to action button on assemblies and processes cards
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